TV: episode 1

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm a little addicted to TV-shows. Yes, I am. Therefore I share 5 toppers (Dutch word for amazingly goodthat you must see! No particular order, all 5 of them are amazing. I included a trailer at each show so you can find more information yourself.


Phc: II

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The second week is over. Time goes fast. Summer is flying by and I may not have the best summer ever, but it is a good one. Next week I'll be on camp so I might not upload the pictures on time, and one week later I'm flying to my holiday destination. I'm excited! That all said: Here are some pictures!


Motivation: Fall in love

Friday, August 15, 2014

The last years I have been struggling to find answers on my life questions. All I have wanted to feel was peace and I just need to know how to make decisions. Unfortunately there is no right answer. It's frustrating to see the perfection on others while you're struggling to find the right choices and answers. I managed to live by the: time will tell motivation. So the motivation for today is all about loving your life and live by the world of time will tell.

What's your motivation or thoughts?


Summer list: update

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer has been half way. I'm having many plans left and to be honest I haven't been thinking about the summer list I made. Anyway here's a little update. I'll have to work harder to Finnish the list at the end of summer.

1. Earn some money 
2. Pass my resits 
3. Organize a challenge 4. Get a tan 
5. Travel 
6. Fly a kite 
7. Have a picnic 
8. Start a new course 9. Have a bonfire 
10. Go camp 
11. Learn yoga
12. Try new drinks 
13. Lose weight 
14. Go on a date 
15. Do 3 items from bucketlist! 16. Buy a wreck this journal 
17. Get a (fake) tattoo. 
18. Have a photoshoot 
19. Meet new people and reconnect with the old
20. Drink 1l at day at least 
21. Learn to play soccer 
22. Write a positive thought everyday (July-Sept)

1. I worked in a supermarket in July. Jeej for the money. I need to find a student job for the weekends now. Anyone ideas? 

3. I'm hosting my own photo challenge for august! 

4. Nice try! I'll never get a tan, keep on trying!

11. Everyday I do some yoga. I'm just not as flexible as the teachers.

19. I met some new people at work, but still in for meeting new ones. And that brings me to number 14, anyone tips on how to find a date? 

20. While working I did drink a lot, so I might have been drinking 1l a day. I'll try to keep going. I really need more water in my body. 

21. I haven't wrote them all down, (been drawing, crafting them..) I'll post my blessings this week so you can join the fun of the happiness. 

How have your summer been? I'm excited to hear from you all!



Friday, August 08, 2014

In secondary school I met a very talented young woman. Since a while I learned how amazing her drawings are. In this post you can win a personal drawing by Noukie, so keep reading! 

'Hi, I'm Melissa. A brown haired girl with temporary blue spots. I love to blog and my laptop and I are basically married. I also have an affair with Nicolas, He has been the best picture buddy for a year now. I wear pants with flowers or casual shirts. Shoes are overrated. I hate wearing them and if I could, I would walk all day on my socks. Most of the time I wear a heart shaped necklace my sister gave me. My life and head are chaotic but I do know who I am and who I wanna be. '


365: End of July. Saaay what?

Monday, August 04, 2014

82/365 Vegetarian cooking! (and meat on the right side for the family.) & 83/365 I'm a smurf! 
84/365 Kitty is watching everything so I can feel safe again. & 85/365 I just love taking really weird selfies.

And now the challenge has began, so soon there'll be more updates! Enjoy August! I hope you're all having the best summer possible :) 


365: 70'ies!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

75/365 Sometimes the picture don't need any captions.

76/365 Sleepy cat. This is where I found her when I came from work. She climbed under the sheet herself.

77/365 Working at 7 am, I'll never get used to it!

78/365 Cute little present from my sister. 

79/365 Yoga relaxing time.

80/365 I love the sky. I love planes flying over. I always try to guess where they might go. Lately when looking up I thought of the innocent who left life in a war that wasn't theirs..

81/365 Summer evenings are having the most stunning skies. 

I'm a little behind in updating you. In August I'll host the photo challenge so you can join or follow me along. See you soon.