5 places I adore in Antwerp (+ bloggersmeetup)

Monday, February 02, 2015

A while ago Ines and I created a bloggers platform on Facebook for Dutch bloggers.
Sunday, we finally had our first meet up. Ten of us gathered in Antwerp city.
To be honest, I have never been a fan of Antwerp but I discovered some new treasurers there.

Five hidden - or not so hidden-  places I just started to like in Antwerp city.

 The school of life 
Books and coffee has always been a perfect combination to me. This place has it all. It isn't a coffee shop and it isn't a library. Just a place I started to adore. They also sell some packages like How to be creative or How to be a better friend. Auuw. & In the bathroom. There is telling you how wonderful you look. How can you not adore this place?

▲ Pedestrian Tunnel & Kaaien
Secretly, I did not know it existed and I have never been there. So I discovered a pedestrian tunnel. Unfortunately we didn't walk trough but I will go back to walk the entire way. And if I haven't convinced you yet, then think of all the amazing pictures you will be able to take there.

And I just adore the view of water and the wind in my hair.
The Kaaien are just perfect to relax and let go of your crazy mind. It's a silent place in a busy city.

Mo made cupcakes 
Somewhere in a small street, there was a very small store full of cupcakes. The owner gave us some tastings. And even though I am not really a sugar fan, Cupcakes are just never a bad plan. I chose the chocolate luv.(the chocolate cupcake with the heart on top)   A chocolate overdose but incredible tasty. The rules are simple. Pick a taste, pay your cupcake, sit down and enjoy. Worth a visit if you ask me.

▲ The chocolate box  
Most of the places in big cities aren't low priced. The chocolate box offers a low cost lunch in a very lovely design. There was not an extensive choice for vegetarians, but I think there is enough choice to eat a good lunch.I chose the Mushroom soup with brown bread but the sandwiches were also very good looking. And have I mentioned how friendly the serving is? 
You'll feel welcome without a doubt. 

©Picture: insins.me/

▲  The wunderkammer
Creative stuff that I probably don't need. But that doesn't take away the fun. This store is just the perfect place for awesome presents to someone you like or even to yourself. Say it out loud with me. "You have never enough stuff you do not need." And how can say no to an Owl Pillow or this awesome tea set? This store has a new fan. 

© Picture: cestquilafille.be/
Een hele tijd terug begonnen Ines en ik het Bloggerscafé op Facebook. Zondag spraken we voor de eerste keer af in Antwerpen met een tiental bloggers. De bovenstaande post is een overzicht van vijf top plaatsen die we bezochten en dus toch een beetje mijn hart hebben gestolen in het Antwerpse.
Bloggers united: 
ClaudiaElodieInes,  FobeSilke, KarenJeniferNatasjaMerel

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  1. Mo Made cupcakes are the best!! Omnomnomnom :D

  2. Dat thee setje ziet er zo leuk uit en de cupcakes lijken mij ook heerlijk!

  3. Precies enkele plekjes die ik ook eens moet gaan bezoeken! Fijn dat je een leuke dag had, volgende keer probeer ik er ook bij te zijn.

  4. Ola, dat plekje met de cupcakes klinkt heerlijk! Leuke tunnel indeed trouwens!

    x Aurélie

  5. I just now saw your new banner here! Do you have it for a long time already? Love it!
    When I started to read this post, I even opened ryanair.comand checked prices for going to Belgium! :D These places could be ones I would like to visit in Antwerp! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. The cupcakes van Momode waren echt overheerlijk hé!

    x Karen

  7. Oh, die cupcakes zien er heerlijk uit. Mooie tunnel! De volgende keer hoop ik er ook bij te zijn.

  8. Wow! Heel leuke post. Mooie foto's ook. Nu heb ik zo'n spijt dat ik er niet bij was. Wanneer doe je de volgende? ;) hihi


  9. Mooi overzicht :D we hebben zeker leuke plekken ontdekt in Antwerpen ^^ en hmmm, die cupcakes van MoMade Cupcakes. Zo yummy.

  10. Echt jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn. Ik wil al superlang naar The School of Life, maar ben er nog niet geraakt. Binnenkort maak ik er werk van!

  11. Wat leuk Melissa!
    Deze plaatsjes ga ik onthouden voor als ik weer eens naar Antwerpen ga :).
    En wauw, wat ziet je blog er goed uit!


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