Frustration all over

Monday, June 22, 2015

Count your blessings, be happy. Share your happy moments of the day. But don't we all get frustrated sometimes?  I present to you: Things I dislike part 2. 
Sidenote: This is just a post for fun. I'm not unhappy or depressed. Just having some frustrations. 

In the category of people: 
1. People who say: "Harry Potter is done, you should let go of it."
"Eum, why in god sake would I do that? Harry Potter has, is and will be part of my life. It's not because there are no more books coming that I don't re-read, re-watch or just waste my time on Pottermore. Oh, I'll send you all a postcard from Hogwarts soon. "

2. People who always have to gossip or comment/say mean things.
"Have you ever thought about being nice for once? It will help you to get rid of the anger feelings you're holding on too. Not everything that I post/say needs a mean comment. Thank you! Oh and btw, talking behind someones back or playing mean games is weak, did you know that?" 

3. People who treat you like crap
"How hard can it be to just tell me what I did wrong? How hard can it be to answer a question or at least answer a message. I feel people often take other people for granted. We are all human, you know. Same feelings as you have. "

In the category of other things: 

4. Commercials
"I freaking hate them. The commercials are often longer than the show. Just hate them." 

5. "This is not allowed in your country."
"Where the hell do I live? Freaking Narnia?"

6. Making choices
"I just suck in picking the right answer to questions. I hate to choose. So please, don't torture me." 

7. Becoming an adult 
"I'm just not ready. I wanna lay in bed, watch tv shows. I do not wanna worry about work, children,.."

8. Expensive things
"I should buy new shoes, oh wait. I'm poor. I do not have any money to buy my flight back." 

9. Busy heads
"Shut up, will you please shut up?Sorry guys. I'm talking to all those tiny human beings inside my head. They always panic and they never ever shut up." 

10. Painting my nails
" Really? Yes really. I find it pretty hard to do that. My hands looks like a color book." 

What do you dislike?

harry potter

Potter actors kissed by age

Sunday, June 14, 2015

As some of you might know already, I"m huge Potter fan. I'm no longer ashamed of my passion for a non- existing character. That's why from now on, I'll share some Harry Potter stuff with you guys, here on The mind of an exchange. Sorry, not sorry. Today we start with actors from the movies who got kissed by age and some random facts about them. 
Tom Felton also known as Draco Malfoy 
Felton did audition to play Harry Potter or Ron Weasley. but instead he got to play Draco. Not only he acts, He also plays some music on youtube. For his role as Draco he had to dye bleach his hair. At the age of fifteen he traveled to the Canadian border to go fish and relax for a while. He got so famous by his role that he had to put an hold on his own fanclub. 

Emma Watson also known as Hermione Granger 
Watson's parents divorced when she was five. Until the divorce she lived with both of her parents in Paris, France. Not only she played a very clever girl, Watson herself was the perfect student. She didn't go for less then a A. After Harry Potter, she was in need of a change. She moved to the United states where she studied Liberal Arts. During her study she still wanted to act, but she insisted on breaks for studying. Now, in 2015, Watson is mostly known as the feminist actrice. Life goes well for Emma, as she played big parts in the Perks of Being a wallflower and Noah. Watson earned enough money for the rest of her life, but she studied because it keeps her real, she said. 

Daniel Radcliffe, also known as Harry himself. 
My husband to be. Just kidding. If acting didn't work out for Radcliffe, he might try a carriere as comedian. He doesn't fear to be silly at all. He also stood naked on the scene of Equus. Whait, what? I missed that? Radcliffe suffers from dyspraxie, which makes it hard to write. He doesn't mind being connected to his role as Harry. After the movies, Orlando opened a thema park focused on Harry Potter. Radcliffe once again played Harry Potter in a movie you can only see in one of the attractions. Gossip magazines dare to say that Radcliffe got a drinking problem after Harry Potter. I do not know if that's true or not.

Rupert Grint, also known as Ron Weasley 
Grint is the oldest of five, yes also in real life, he knows how to share life with lots of siblings.
Before his audition he sent a movie where raps about the books. This way he got noticed. Thanks to Harry Potter, Grint's name got known in the film world. He also played Ed Sheeran in the video clip of Lego house. And just like Ron, he is very scared of spiders. 

And who's your favorite? 


Personal: How I kill myself daily..

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Everyday is a battle. More then year ago I suffered from a depression. Today I feel better, I feel more alive then I did before. Everyday I have to fight the battle to not go back to the dark place. And this is how I kill myself almost daily. 

I am a regular woman in her young twenties. Except most of my friends are already having boyfriends, they work, they travel and me? well I do whatever I feel like doing. I still study, I kinda failed life before. Some things happened that I wish never happened, but those things changed my life completely. So currently I'm still studying and trying to make my dreams come true. 
A week ago an old classmate of me, shared her pregnancy story with me. I felt bad for a while. Because I do not even know if I will ever have children. People are dating for years, and I'm single. I'm not really looking for a boyfriend, because I feel love doesn't work that way. And it seems, I'm always falling for the wrong guy. So that's one reason how I kill myself emotionally. I compare to much to what other people do. It's not because they have the same age as me, that I have to walk the same path. I do know that, but it's hard to believe my own words sometimes.  
A second way is that I care to much about what people think of me. I wanna be the best in everything, because I'm a perfectionist. But at the same time, when people compliment me, I do not wanna look arrogant. So whenever a teacher compliments me, I just smile. I also try to much to make people love me. I always feel like I have to prove something, I just do not know what that is. People told me I look confident, but that's not how I feel at all. I have to understand that some people don't like you, sometimes just because of you, sometimes because they just don't "suit" you. I care to much what people think of me.
When working in groups, I'm the one who cries for days, when something goes wrong. I'm the nodding one, because I do not wanna create a fight. I let people 'walk over me.' I die a little bit inside when people tell me things like "we (me, not included) did our best." Then I start to cry, because I know I worked hard, but I do not stand up for myself. That's once again how I kill myself.  
I am very social but when it comes to meeting people in groups, I'm the most shy person you met. You probably won't be able to tell so. Cause I won't show you how nervous I feel. Inside of me, I'm dying a little bit when people introduce me to their friends. Most of the time, it's gets better, but sometimes I kill myself so much because I wonder whether they would like me or not. I'm also the one who doesn't say no often. I will help everyone, no matter how much time I waste. I have to learn that some people are not worth your time. There are people taking you for granted, those who know you can not say no. But when you ask them, to help you, they say no.
So if you would ask me, something I have to work on, than I will answer you. " I have to stand up for who I am, what I believe in and most of all. I shouldn't waste time on trying to make people love me. If they don't like me for who I am, then they are not worth my time. Right?


Personal: a day in my life

Friday, June 05, 2015

Stress? Exams? No way José. I'm totally relaxed. I only have one exam, so I spend most of my time relaxing before I'll start work. I share with you, a day in my life. 

Waking up. Ah, thank God for long sleeps.

Breakfast: Cereals with yoghurt and orange juice! And the finale of Britain got talent (in delay! Thank God for satellite television) 

Meet my husband to be. The amazing Mister Calumn Scott. 

Spending time with the Queen. (Lazy? Who? Me!) 

Oh, already lunch time? Hummus and toast. Jummy in my tummy.

You know what I do not like about renting books? You have to bring them back. Time for a visit to the library. (Books: The Manny & Godverdomse dagen op een godverdomse bol.)

Daddy arrived home. And he brought me our printed magazines. "Proud proud proud!"
Wanna read Felice? No worries, you can read it online here.

And then this lazy chick forgot to take pictures, but I didn't do much more. I love those lazy days.


Food tip: Bia Mara

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Since two years, I call myself a Vegetarian. I do not regret the fact that I no longer eat meat, but I have to admit, that it's hard to go out for dinner. Me and my Vegetarian best friend started a project #vegihunting2015, where we (mostly for own stomach's pleasure) are looking for the best hot spots. Today I share with you, Bia Mara.

Bia Mara is a typical British fish and chip restaurant, located in the center of Brussels, Belgium.
A small place, where the guests are sitting close to each other. But cozy is the best way to describe the place. Ordering is possible in English, French and even Dutch.

You can choose between Fish, Chicken or Vegetarian. All menus are served with the best chips.

The food you see, is Parmesan, Mozarella Arancini's with seaweed salted chips and Garlic Truffle. (I changed the sauce to tartar). It's served in a cute basket. Oh and not expensive at all. Price (Food only) : € 10. Without a doubt, one of my personal favorite food places in Brussels.