Read-a-thon: the results

Monday, September 14, 2015

A read-a-thon is simple to explain. You read as much as possible in a short amount of days. The more goals you set for yourself, the more fun. Sept 7th, we started another read-a-thon, hosted by the Verbeelding bookclub

Goals: Read four books
To read an English book: Check! 
I finally read The perks of Being a Wallflower 

 To read a book written by Joanne Rowling: nope! :(
I did start two books written by Rowling, but I dit not finish. So currently still reading The casual Vacancy and Quidditch through the ages.  

 To read a filmed book : check! 
I read Divergent & The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson).

 To read any other book: Check
I read the new book of my favorite Belgian Youth author Dirk Bracke. De Bruid. 

Did you join? Which is your favorite book? 


Rome: A recap

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Early august, my sister and I traveled to Rome. Italy was always one of my favorites, but to be honest ,I didn't like it that much. I hate how they treat tourist, which you can all read about in "The not so perfect side of Roma." Anyway, we also had some good moments. And this is a little recap of a wonderful summer trip.

We also went to the Vatican, and they told us to go there by bus. We went by walking and it wasn't that far. We went back by bus, but during our walk, we discovered lots of beautiful places. Be aware, if you want to visit religious place, always take a scarf or a sweater. 

The Trevi Fontana was under construction, so we used the Fontana at the Vatican to trow our coins.


And then there is one more story to be told. The story of my blue eye. Well I wish I could say, someone hit me or something, that would be less embarrassing than the real story.
My sister and I went for dinner. I dropped our action camera and when I tried to pick it up. The lady behind me moved her chair and I bumped my face in to the chair. That's what happened ;)
We also videotaped our trip, to share our travel with you. Unfortunately technology can be a pain in the ass sometimes, so we lost some of our videos. The best, of course. *Sad face!*